Home Ideas

I have almost been in my house for one year now… on June 14th I will be officially in my house for one year.. thats crazy! It is a constant redecorating and I am still opening up boxes and organizing.  I never seem to have enough time to do it all.. It seems like its just little rooms one at a time and even when I think I have one room finished.. it isn’t.  I think the bathroom is actually close to be done upstairs. Almost. It still has a couple things it needs, but its probably closer then any of the other rooms.  I don’t even feel like I am fully done with my bedroom yet.   With all that in mind I am always looking through magazines and pulling out items that I love or pages that I can use for inspiration.  I also look online all the time at Coastal Living ( I love that magazine ).  I figure in the end my house is going to be a mix of country and beachy… so a country beachy house!  That works right?  I think a lot of these images that I save up will be put to use when I do the downstairs bathroom and then in a couple years when I figure out what to do with the attic.  I really want to do 2 bedrooms and a playroom or an open area. It will have angled ceilings since it is the attic.  I don’t really think I want to take up a space to use for storage – I have enough of that in the basement or other locations.  So, it will be 2 rooms ( 1 bedroom, 1 office?, or just 2 bedrooms… I do want three kids so hmm..)  There are so many options with my house.  The master bedroom is being turned into a guest room and a craft room, then I have my office. The office I have a feeling will always stay an office just because if I turn the attic into the bedrooms then people will always be walking through the office to get to those rooms. I would hate to turn one of those into a bedroom and who ever has the room will never have any privacy.

Hmm I’m rambling.  I figured if I do end up and have a family there then I will need for sure 1 master bathroom ( for a total of 2 full baths, and 1 half) so the one closet or part of the play room off of my room will turn into one of those. Then part of the old master bedroom can be turned into  either a bedroom or a guest bedroom.  Then I can still have my craft room – I might just put up a wall between it and then have an arched door or something between the two instead of making a little hallway.  There really isn’t a need and whoever is staying in there can just walk through the craft room.  I guess that really just depends on how I set it up. Only draw back is that I can’t be working on crafts late at night 😦

So thats one bedroom – now I still need the 2 more.. so yeah that would be the attic bedrooms. I am sure a baby room would be the one downstairs and as they get older then they can be moved upstairs and so on while keeping the youngest downstairs.

With all that in mind its going to be years, upon years by the time the house is all finished the way I want it.. Those are just major changes too – there are a tons of little changes that I want to make… ie.. glass door from my room out to the patio instead of the heavy wooden door… new tub upstairs.. shelving.. etc. Its never ending.

Anyway, here are some pictures of ideas that I grabbed offline and will be printing out to put in the book!

Who would not love to have this outside on their deck?  Its a hanging bed… sweet! I just love the view as well.  loving the colors.

I love the backsplash in this image.  I am not a huge fan of all white cabinets so I believe I will be keeping the cherry – but I think this kind of tile would look great as part of an accent in a shower or something.

I just love this picture – the blue furniture, the shells, the orchids… love it! I don’t really see myself having anything like this but I just like the picture.

Amazing view.  I would love to somehow do this concept in my bedroom.  Take out part of the exterior wall and put 2-3 more windows facing the woods would be amazing. It would let in so much light and yeah.. perfect! I have thought about doing the same thing downstairs in the TV room – adding 2 more windows to the wall with the 1 window to lighten it up.   Both of those things will not change the rhythm of the architecture that it has currently with the windows.  It is really only the front of the house that has a set pattern to the windows – the back and one side of just kind of there doing their own thing.

This picture is way to blue – to much going on – but I love the open window by the tub.

The man in the picture just makes me laugh… I would never have that in my bathroom haha. Just creepy!

I love the blue ceiling though – since it is vaulted that kind of gives me a little bit of an idea to play with that concept in the attic with the angled ceilings… we will see.

Alright thats all for now!